Self Mastery Path

Simi Arora’s Unique Methodology on “Mind Mastery” through Self Discovery to Achieve Abundance, Happiness & Purpose


Live Video Workshops

Join Simi in her theme based 60 minute video workshops weekly, completely focused on cultivating practical life skills for best results.

Guided Meditations

Join Simi for LIVE Mindfulness Meditations in each workshop on various specific topics to help you elevate your state of consciousness.

Private Community

Become a part of the conscious creator community of like-minded individuals sharing similar goals and desires of unleashing their deepest potential.​

Workshop Collection

Can’t make it live? No problem. Video workshops and meditations are available 24/7 for Self Mastery Teaching Members.

5 Areas of Self Mastery Teaching

Start with Purpose

Self Leadership

Emotional Mastery

Success Habits

Personal Well Being

How it Works


Self Awareness

Become aware of thoughts and emotions leading to conditioned behavior patterns. Build clarity on your values and focus on what matters


Self Management

Manage yourself physically, mentally, socially and spiritually to attain desired success, growth and balance in your life.


Self Sustenance

Activating inner strength & resourcefulness to stay on the path of continuous empowerment & build powerful habits & a lifestyle of self-sufficiency.

Build mastery in all aspects of life.

Simi Arora’s Self Mastery Teaching