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Turn Passion into Abundance 3 Hours Masterclass : Learn secrets and strategies to monetize passion into financial success (Worth $499)

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The Self Mastery philosophy is simple.

When you focus on self mastery's 5 aspects, it will transform you for inside-out success and deeper fulfilment

Start with Purpose

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What people are saying

Simi was the answer to all my prayers. I was lost after being laid off from covid-19 and needed to start over at 43. I asked Simi to provide guidance and support while I completely rebuilt my life from the bottom up. Simi’s patience, guidance, and knowledge of how life works was invaluable to me. She made it possible for me to go deep, dig out the gold, and use it to start a whole new career as a Diabetes Health Coach. I could not have done it without Simi’s help. To put it simply. Simi is amazing!

Jerry Frawley

Diabetes Reversal Coach

I wanted to start something of my own that I could find my purpose and passion with. I didn't have the clarity and more importantly I had mental blocks that I was only able to remove after joining Simi's Live Coaching sessions. Today, I am running a profitable business, all thanks to Selfmastery Coaching that helped me build my purposeful life.

Paul Roy

Founder - Amatrons Technologies

Simi has wisdom to explore, evaluate and combine the best of ancient knowledge and cutting-edge science to create individual pathways to success and satisfaction. Simi sees success and happiness through the once foggy lens of her own suffering. Her fundamental belief is that emotional suffering is mitigated or even eliminated with a daily elixir of purpose, consistent hard work and self-understanding.
Gary Sazer
Licensed Attorney, New York
Through Selfmastery, I learnt how to generate safe space for myself, the people I live and work with and for my business/team/clients along with its triggers, distractions, consequences and tips & traps, both physically & emotionally. My relationship now with my spouse, kids, parents are much stable and we are happy as I know how to prioritize & optimize my daily personal life and professional life important tasks & how to save myself from toxic environment.
Sudipta Malakar
SAP Global Practice Area Head, Agile Coach
Every Word of the Entire Course is 100% Useful Course has delivered more than my expectation. Everything is Spiritual yet very logically explained. The entire process is explained in most easiest way in very simple worlds. Each module is related in everyday day aspect of conscious living. I found the Pranayama Breathing to be the best practice to start to Detach your mind & then De-condition & Rewire subconscious mind. Tools like Setting up Boundaries, Setting up Intentions are Key drivers. The process of Heart & Mind relation is booster for being aware essential for being a conscious creator
Arvind Budhiraja, India
THIS IS NOT A COURSE – IT'S A LIFE TRANSFORMATION… LOVE IT! You exceeded my expectations. The most useful part for me was to know the secrets of being a Conscious Creator and how it impacts our life. The science of Pranayama & the deeper explanation of detachment of mind is a Bonus for me! Highly recommend it to people who are looking to get clarity in their life.
Amol Salunkhe
EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS ! The course exceeded my expectations. it confirmed some things I had heard before and solidified my understanding on metaphysical aspect of self. The video content was powerful, and I enjoyed learning about the knowledge on the breath-work, and the self-awareness to live consciously.
Arvind Budhiraja, India
"Simi's program made me aware of my conditioned mind and helped me get clarity on what I truly desire as a person. I managed to make a lot of big decisions in my life and I believe Simi's program played a very important role in helping me take leaps!"
Amol Salunkhe
Founder at

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Frequently Asked Question

How much time does Selfmastery take? I’m scared I can’t be 100% dedicated.

Selfmastery is designed to be 100% at your own pace. You get access to the online programs, recorded LIVE workshops, coaching workbooks and meditations that you can watch and practice at your timelines. Every week Simi does 60 minutes of Live Coaching on 5 aspects of Selfmastery that you can participate and engage with.

How can I benefit from this program?

You get coached by Simi directly in the Live workshop sessions where she goes deeper into the spiritual, mental, emotional and leadership aspects. The step by step approach and systematic process of delivering workshops along with supporting coaching workbooks help you build immense clarity, momentum and growth in your life

How exactly does Selfmastery work?

Selfmastery is a complete online offering where you learn the most profound and applicable life skills, get your questions answered and receive tons of inspiration from like minded support groups. Simi’s Live workshops happen each week, preferably on the weekend through zoom calls. If you miss the Live session, you can watch it on member exclusive portal within next 48 hours.

Will I be able to take full advantage of the program, even if I don’t live in the UK or US?

Absolutely yes ! As you become a member you get access to exclusive Selfmastery portal which you have access at all the times. We have almost a 1,000 people in the community from all over the world.

Can I have a one-on-one session with Simi Arora ?

This option is only available for people who sign up for annual membership of Selfmastery Teaching. Simi offers 30-45 minutes of coaching session to members who are keen to work with her one on one to take their professional and personal growth to the next level.

What do I get inside Selfmastery Teaching?


Can’t make it live? No problem. Video workshops and meditations are available 24/7 for Selfmastery Teaching members.



When you become a member of Selfmastery, you become a member of a like minded community dedicated to purpose, growth and high impact living.



Each workshop contains a guided meditation focused on centering your mind, calming your body, high productivity, focus and deep connection with yourself. 



With each workshop, you get access to exclusive handcrafted workbooks and questionnaires that help you put learning into action. As you start to dig deeper through coaching questions, you build more clarity, handle obstacles and build accountability in your life

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